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About us

Gusoor Organization is a non-profit civil society organization, founded by the self-efforts of a group of youth and women leaders in 2012 as a youth initiative "Voices of Peace", to be transformed into an organization in 2014 under the name "Jusoor Organization for Peace and Coexistence". The organization works under the leadership of empowered youth and women with professional experiences in community work. The organization seeks to promote peace and community cohesion and to promote a culture of coexistence in local communities. The organization's strategy is based on enhancing stability in local communities through an integrated performance system in four main components dealing with conflict, social justice, protection, and gender equality.

A visual overview of what we do


The organization works through youth to achieve the following goals:
• Contribute to building human peace and enhancing societal cohesion by embodying the principle of enlightened dialogue based on partnership, and the imperative of peaceful coexistence as a basis for ending conflict and acceptance of others.
• Strengthening the capacities of women and girls, and integrating gender in development measures.
• Strengthening social protection frameworks for vulnerable and affected groups (children, women, minorities, marginalized people, and people with special needs).
• Contribute to achieving social justice as a basic principle of peaceful coexistence in local communities.


An icon of peace building, and the promotion of stability in local communities.
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Contribute to the promotion of human peace as one of the goals of sustainable development, through an integrated performance system in dealing with conflicts, community justice, protection and gender equality through a professional team, and innovative projects with an impact that enhance local stability, and translate the aspirations of our international and local partners.

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