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About us

Gusoor Organization for Peace Co-existence is an independent, nonprofit organization established by entrepreneurial youth in 2012 as youth initiative 'Voices of Peace '. In 2014 Gusoor Organization become more widely known among Yemeni Society, it works through the youth category to reinforce the effort of peace, combating extremism violence and spread the culture of co-existence. The organization's strategy is based on five major programs: conflict management, community empowerment, good governance, democracy, justice and reconciliation, religious and cultural coexistence and Sustainable development

A visual overview of what we do


Contribute to the building of human peace and community cohesion by reflecting the principle of effectively enlightened dialogue based on partnership and inevitability of peaceful coexistence as a common ground for ending the conflict and accepting others.
• Concentrate the efforts of peace and development on achieving the effective impact and sustainability of peaceful coexistence in civil communities.
• Support and protect the affected minorities -weakest/poorest society groups –by working hard towards realizing the principles of transitional social justice.
• Build up the capabilities of local community for conflict management by Assisting national actors in their efforts to achieve society cohesion and sustainable stability.
• Activate the roles of community participation toward democratic processes by focusing on community male/female youth groups and rise civic awareness to promote peace and coexistence practices.


Gusoor as effective organization with a steady presence and outstanding professional activity in peace-building and coexistence fields.
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Through our special staff with effectible programs and projects and wide networks of relationships, we will contribute to build and consolidate human peace through conservative planning according to the standards of modern management to guarantee the outputs in high quality to fit our domestic and international partners and Ensure organizational transparency that produces the principles of community accountability. In recognition of human responsibility we strive hard to characterize it as work ethics by our stable staff and volunteers through confirming a culture of tolerance and coexistence as a central pillar for the promotion of peace and community cohesions, we also direct our moral and institutional commitment towards our staff to achieve self-fulfillment and steady career through an encouraging work environment that ensures self-sufficiency and guarantees the development of professional and cognitive abilities.

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